Welcome to Harbor House, a new concept in supportive housing offering neighborhood renewal, high-quality shelter, and social assistance to individuals with special needs.
Since its inception in June 2003, Harbor House has been dedicated to providing critical-needs individuals with a positive
housing environment that fosters growth, discipline and a clear pathway to recovery and reentry into society.   To that
end, the team at Harbor House rehabilitates distressed urban properties and transforms them into clean, safe shelters
for a wide spectrum of special-needs clients.  Once housed, these clients receive medical assistance, social support,
and mental health counseling designed to guide their reintegration into the community.  Most remarkably, though,
Harbor House achieves all this without receiving excessive help from local, state, or federal governments.  At Harbor
House, we are committed to perfecting this innovative housing model - a model that benefits the neighborhood, the
individual, and the community at large with unparalleled efficiency.